About Restaurant Research Associates

We want you to have the best for your company

At Restaurant Research Associates, we know food. From QSR to fine dining and everything in between. We’ve been there. For more than 30 years, Restaurant Research Associates has delivered actionable results to restaurant chains, institutional feeders and product vendors.

We understand the challenges and changes facing the foodservice industry and how to get into the minds of the end customers. We solve problems and identify opportunities and solutions using the appropriate traditional and esoteric methodologies. Restaurant Research Associates will provide the right research to get you the answers you need.

From brand strategy and segmentation to in-store product testing, product buyer evaluations and product or menu optimization, we deliver the right design, exceptional client service and attention to detail. Plus, rapid results—all at palatable rates.

RRA is vertically integrated, with internal project design, data collection, online programming & hosting, data processing and analysis teams for complete control over project quality, timing and deliverables. We are committed to the latest techniques, as well as the tried and true.