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Proprietary Research Solutions


•  In-Store & Central Location Product Testing
•  New Product Buyer & Rejecter Studies
•  Ingredient Change & Substitution
•  Store Design & Remodel
•  Problem Store or Region Analysis
•  Market Segmentation & Brand Image

•  Voice of The Consumer—Tele-Ethnography
•  Voice of The Consumer—Competitive Analysis
•  Customer Satisfaction
•  Menu Optimization
•  Packaging Research
•  Lapsed Customer Analysis

In-Store & Central Location Product Testing
RRA provides expert design, implementation and analysis of all traditional and esoteric forms of product testing, as well as our proprietary PERSUTE personal use test methodology.  From one configuration to twenty, we manage  single and multi-market product tests across the country on a weekly basis.

New Product Buyer & Rejecter Studies
Uncover the strengths and weaknesses of new products in test or full market launch quickly and accurately.  We’ll provide you with actionable analysis of new product performance from every angle.

Ingredient Change & Substitution
Ingredient changes are a fact of  life—whether driven by cost considerations, supplier changes or improvements to a key component.  We’ll guide you
through the right methods to clearly understand consumer acceptance or
rejection of alternative configurations.

Store Design & Remodel
Design research at all phases—from artist’s renderings and elevations
to  test store remodels using both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Problem Store or Region Analysis
Understand the driving factors to underperforming units or regions.  We combine both traditional and non-traditional methodologies to  deliver actionable solutions to rehabilitate image, traffic and sales.

Market Segmentation & Brand Image
A firm grasp on key target and affinity groups is more important than ever in today’s fast-paced, multi-media marketing environment. Gain insights on the emotional, social and communal triggers that drive each segment’s buying habits, where your brand fits into their lives and how to convert opportunities into a strategy that will ultimately gain share for your brand.

Voice of The Consumer—Tele-Ethnography
Ethnographies provide unparalleled in-depth insights into the minds of consumers’ emotional & rational connections with product and brands, and the importance specific brands and products have in their day-to-day lives. We provide this understanding in more cost-effective method than traditional ethnographies.

Voice of The Consumer—Competitive Analysis
What do consumers say and feel about their experience with your brand? How does this differ from your competitors? How do you find the emotional triggers to capture the hearts and minds of your infrequent customers or your competitor’s customers? Hear it in and understand it — their own words.

Customer Satisfaction
Maintaining the contact with your customer base is one of the key components
of a healthy brand. We’ll keep your finger on the pulse of customer attitudes
and perceptions, as well as head off potential hazards before they become
critical issues.

Menu Optimization
We’ll help you develop the most compelling line-up for your menu. Using a variety of techniques, we guide our clients in the design of a menu that delivers the optimal combination of products customers desire.

Packaging Research
Improved packaging, green packaging options or packaging for new items. We’ll deliver the best research method to ensure the optimal combination of product
and package.

Lapsed Customer Analysis
Often consumers can’t even recall why they abandon a product or brand. We’ll show you how to bring them back to your brand… and keep them.